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Author: New Jersey Pediatric Neuroscience Institute

Levetiracetam Associated With Less Monotherapy Failure in Infantile Seizures

“Levetiracetam (Keppra) offers greater efficacy than phenobarbital in preventing monotherapy failure in infants with nonsyndromic epilepsy, according to the findings of a multicenter prospective observational study published in JAMA Pediatrics.”1

Basically, what that means, is that Keppra is more effective in preventing seizures in young children with epilepsy. 

How do we know? Investigators evaluated a total of 155 infants with nonsyndromic epilepsy who were treated with levetiracetam (n=117) or phenobarbital (n=38) as initial monotherapy within 1 year of the first afebrile seizure. Infants were treated in 17 US pediatric epilepsy centers during a 3-year period (2012 to 2015). A 6-month freedom from monotherapy failure, as defined by seizure freedom within 3 months of treatment initiation and no additional prescribed antiepileptic medication, comprised the binary outcome.1

We have a new PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGIST, who specializes in treating children with epilepsy.  Please call us and ask to see Dr. Leyda Sanchez-Ortiz.


8th Annual Winter Gala

Please JOIN US for an amazing evening for an AWESOME CAUSE. The Goryeb Children’s Hospital Craniofacial Center in conjunction with Morristown Medical Center are hosting an evening to benefit infants and children born with facial or skull deformities. These amazing children put their lives in our hands every day; we are honored to care for them. Please come on Tuesday, March 20, 2018 and note CHILDREN ARE WELCOME!!

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CSF presents “Hydrocephalus”

Dr. Mazzola giving a presentation


Dr. Catherine Mazzola discusses what hydrocephalus is, how it is diagnosed and treated in children and how she and a team of fellow expert neurosurgeons were able to develop clinical guidelines for treatment of pediatric hydrocephalus at the first CSF Chapter lecture in Morristown, New Jersey. This lecture was jointly presented by Chiari & Syringomyelia Foundation and the New Jersey Pediatric Neuroscience Institute. Thank you to all who were involved in putting this together!
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