2019 Humanitarian Awards

Celebrating Dr. Catherine Mazzola being honored at the Seasons of Hope 2019 Humanitarian Awards Dinner.

The Hope For Children Research Foundation works hard to support children’s neurological and cancer research. Since 1985 the foundation has been successful in its mission to discover new treatments and cures for childhood neurological and cancer diseases. Dr. Catherine Mazzola was an 2019 honoree this year! This ceremony demonstrated the appreciation colleagues and patients have for all of the hard work Dr. Mazzola does to save children’s lives. A patient of ours stood in front of guests, on Saturday March 2, 2019, with confidence and shared her story of how Dr. Mazzola, her pediatric neurosurgeon, changed her life. She touched the hearts of the audience by sharing her journey and brought joy by showing how much she has grown from her experience into the lovely young woman she is today. We are proud of all Dr. Mazzola does for the families and children she treats and are grateful to watch our patients grow.