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I interned at NJPNI in Morristown, NJ the summer of 2018. Each day brought new opportunities giving me a wide variety of exposure to the medical field. Dr. Mazzola was an amazing influence and mentor even after the program had ended. The atmosphere in the office was extremely supportive and the staff welcomed any and all questions I had. The experiences I had while shadowing Dr. Mazzola, during patient appointments and surgeries, only confirmed my passion of pursuing a career in medicine. After leaving the internship I felt I had gained a comprehensive understanding for pediatric neurology, neurosurgery and patient care. During my time at NJPNI, I was also responsible for researching two topics, Neuroblastoma and Hydrocephalus/ Down Syndrome. After extensive research and the aid of  Dr. Mazzola, I went on to write two papers one of which has been submitted for publication. (Stage IV neuroblastoma with metastatic spread to the mandible in an infant: case report and review of the literature. World Neurosurgery; under review.) I encourage others to take part in this internship as it opened my eyes to an abundance of new possibilities for my future while also introducing me to an incredible female role model.