Prescriptions and Prescription Refills

Young female patientFor MRI’S, CT’S & X-Rays

All patients must have been seen in our office within the last 12 months. For those patients who have not been seen within that time frame, an office visit will first be required before a prescription will be given. Scan results will not be given by phone. You will need to schedule a follow up appointment to review the films with your physician.

For Medication Prescriptions and Refills

It is very important that you request a refill when there is still 1-2 weeks of the medication left. Please do not wait until you or your child are on the last couple of days of medication or are out of medication completely.

All refill requests are to be sent over from your pharmacy. Once again, allow the pharmacy time to contact our office.

Patients are to follow up in the office as scheduled. The physician will determine when you should be seen again and will provide you that information at the time of your visit. If a patient has not been seen for their follow up visit, they will be expected to do so before a prescription will be refilled. If you have not been seen in the office within the last 6 months, an appointment will be required before any refills will be provided.