OCTOBER NEWSLETTER – Halloween Safety & National ADHD Awareness Month


Halloween Safety & National ADHD Awareness Month





Remind your little ghosts, goblins, super heroes and fairy princesses to follow our tips for a safe and happy Halloween!




October is ADHD Awareness Month and is celebrated  with events and activities happening all across the country and now, around the world, on the ground and on the Internet, capturing the notice of numerous national, regional and local media outlets resulting in articles, interviews and feature stories.





We Hope Everyone Has a Fun Fall Season!



A Safe Halloween Is a Happy Halloween:

  • Stay in groups
  • Always accompany young children
  • Look both ways when crossing the street
  • Examine all treats before eating
  • Avoid dark houses
  • To hand out treats, consider using gloves! Drop the candy in each bag.
  • Make sure kids wear proper “masks” under their costume
  • Remind children not to share candy, drinks, or other treats
  • Enjoy with caution!
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Prevent Halloween Injuries:

  • Adults should perform the actual carving of the pumpkin to avoid cuts
  • Pick costumes made from 100% synthetic material like nylon or polyester to avoid burns
  • Make sure makeup and glitter is nontoxic
  • Costumes should be well fitting to avoid falling
  • Flashlights or bright colored costumes for visibility to drivers
Halloween tips retrieved from FastMed.com

ADHD Awareness:

  • ADHD IS caused by chemical, structural, and connectivity differences in the brain, mostly as a result of genetics. It is NOT caused by poor parenting, falls, video games.
  • ADHD is comprised of:
    • deficits in behavioral inhibition
    • difficutly with sustained attention
    • resistance to distraction
    • challenges with regulation of one’s activity level to the demands of a situation (hyperactivity or restlessness)
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