Back To School

NJPNI welcomes all students, teachers, and families back to school! Let’s have a safe and healthy 2022-2023 school year! If your child needs an appointment after hours, or on weekends, please ask us about CONCIERGE services available for special situations. We will do our best to accommodate! Please call and ask about after hours appointments […]

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brain tumor

What is a cephalohematoma?

Cephalo (head) hematoma (blood clot) is a blood clot related to a difficult delivery of a baby. This can happen with NORMAL vaginal deliveries. This situation happens when some blood vessels under the skin tear or pop open, causing a "contained" blood clot. We see hundreds of babies with cephalohematomas every year, in our office. […]

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Head Injury in Children

Childhood head trauma is one of the most common problems that pediatricians, pediatric neurologists and pediatric neurosurgeons see every year. We see babies that fall off a bed or off a couch. We see toddlers who fall down the stairs. We see kids who fell off their bike or scooter. Please take the extra time […]

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Infant Disorder

Ask the Expert: The Common Infant Disorder Every Parent Should Know About

From diagnosis to treatment, an expert at the New Jersey Pediatric Neuroscience Institute explains plagiocephaly BY TATIANA SIKORSKYJ, APN, RNFA Published: June 23, 2022 What is plagiocephaly? Plagiocephaly (sometimes called deformational plagiocephaly or positional plagiocephaly) is a common and treatable disorder in infants. Plagiocephaly develops when an infant’s soft skull becomes flattened in one area […]

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CP | New Jersey Pediatric Neuroscience Institute

Ask the Expert: Cerebral Palsy, Toe-Walking, and Spasticity: How to Help the Whole Child

Why treating the whole child with CP requires understanding the brain BY CATHERINE MAZZOLA, MD Published: May 6, 2022 Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common motor disability in childhood, according to Capute and Accardo’s Neurodevelopmental Disabilities in Infancy and Childhood. Babies born prematurely, or with very low birth weight, are at higher risk of developing […]

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Save The Date | New Jersey Pediatric Neuroscience Institute

SAVE THE DATE!! - 11th Annual Gala 2022

SAVE THE DATE!! - 11th Annual Gala 2022 Donating to the event helps in supporting Kid Around the World!! Craniofacial differences can have an impact on the emotional and psychological well-being of children around the world. We strive to provide children and their families the care and support they need to overcome these obstacles Join […]

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DSC 7293 | New Jersey Pediatric Neuroscience Institute


It’s finally here! SPRNGTIME and good weather, baseball and softball, and more outdoor activities. Please make sure your children are wearing helmets on their bikes, scooters, roller blades, and other rides. If your child has a head injury, remember RICE. Rest, ice the bump or area, compression if there is bleeding, and elevate the head. […]

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nutritional month by njpni

March 2022 Newsletter - National Nutrition Month

March 2022 Newsletter - National Nutrition Month NJPNI NOW HAS A NUTRITIONIST ON STAFF! Headaches & Nutrition. Magnesium is one of those Neurology super-nutrients. Magnesium is great for preventing headaches. It's also very helpful in treating symptoms of ADHD, tics, and anxiety. Getting more magnesium through nutrition is key!     NJPNI NOW HAS A […]

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More than Just ADHD | New Jersey Pediatric Neuroscience Institute

Properly Treating ADHD Requires a “Whole-Child” Approach

Why treating the whole child requires addressing all his or her problems, not just ADHD. BY DR. JEFFREY KORNITZER Published: November 13, 2021 It’s not just your imagination. The diagnosis of ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) has been steadily increasing over recent decades. In New Jersey, nearly 6 percent of children aged 4-17 years old are diagnosed with […]

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Broken Promises to the People of Newark

Check out this article by Rosy C. Franklin, Ryan A. Behmer Hansen, Jean M. Pierce, Diomedes J. Tsitouras and Catherine A. Mazzola - "Broken Promises to the People of Newark: A Historical Review of the Newark Uprising, the Newark Agreements, and Rutgers New Jersey Medical School’s Commitments to Newark" - https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/18/4/2117

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