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Published: April 26, 2023

Understanding Pediatric Concussion and Its Aftermath

Medically Reviewed by:
Tatiana Sikorskyj, APN, RNFA
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Updated On: 19 Oct 2023

Concussions are a type of traumatic brain injury that can occur from a blow to the head or body. They are a prevalent injury, especially among children and young adults, and can have long-lasting effects if not treated properly. Seeking the right medical care from a concussion specialist is crucial in ensuring a full recovery.

What is a Concussion Specialist:

A concussion specialist is a healthcare professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating concussions. They typically have specialized training in neurology or sports medicine and have extensive experience in managing concussions. It is important to seek care from a specialist rather than a general practitioner because they have the expertise and resources to provide the most effective treatment plan.

Why You Need a Concussion Specialist in NJ:

New Jersey has a significant number of concussion specialists who are equipped with the latest research and cutting-edge treatment options. Choosing a concussion specialist in NJ means having access to comprehensive care that can help manage symptoms and prevent the long-term consequences of a concussion.

How to Find a Concussion Specialist in NJ:

When looking for a concussion specialist in NJ, it is essential to do research and read reviews from other patients. The NJPNI of New Jersey is an excellent resource for finding a concussion specialist, and healthcare providers can also provide referrals.

What to Expect from Your Visit to a Concussion Specialist:

During your visit to a concussion specialist, they will perform a comprehensive evaluation that may include neurological exams, cognitive tests, balance tests, and imaging studies. Based on the results, they may recommend a personalized treatment plan, which can include rest, physical therapy, medication, or cognitive rehabilitation.


Concussions are a common injury that can have significant consequences if not treated properly. Seeking specialized care from a concussion specialist in NJ is crucial for ensuring a full recovery and preventing long-term complications. If you or a loved one has experienced a concussion or head trauma, take action, and seek out a qualified concussion specialist in NJ for the best possible care.

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