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Arachnoid Cyst


At the age of 9 months after a well check up, Noah’s dad and I were informed that Noah has a cyst that was taking up half of his left side of the brain. We were shocked and terrified of what that meant for Noah’s health and wellbeing. In search of a second opinion, we met with Dr. Mazzola, who confirmed and explained in great detail that indeed Noah would need to have surgery which involved placing a shunt into Noah’s brain in order to drain the cyst. Our fears had came to reality and our precious baby boy needed to have brain surgery. If it wasn’t for Dr. Mazzola and how kind, caring and informative she was when explaining Noah’s procedure we wouldn’t have felt so comfortable making such a difficult decision. Everyone we encountered at Goryeb Children’s Hospital was nothing short of amazing. Every single one of Noah’s nurses were awesome and made sure he was taken care of. Eight months after his brain surgery, Noah’s cyst has significantly gotten smaller to the point where we can barely see that it’s there. It’s so amazing how much has changed in such a short amount of time. We selected Dr. Mazzola not just for her knowledge with this diagnoses, her extensive medical background and impressive credentials but because she spoke to our hearts as parents. We can’t thank Dr. Mazzola and her team enough for saving our baby’s life. Noah will be turning two in August and he’s still his loving, happy and goofy self. We thank God for you all!

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