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Cerebral Palsy


My name is Brisilda Kodra, I am 27 years old I was born with spastic Diplegia Cerebral palsy this is a condition that only affects the legs. For many years I suffered with painful contractures in my legs, I spent years searching for a doctor to put an end to these painful spasms after years of praying and searching it finally happened. On May 27th 2022 I met Doctor Catherine Mazzola change finally entered my life during my conversation with doctor Mazola we spoke about all of the procedures possible to reduce my spasticity after reviewing all the benefits and risks we came to the agreement of having a selective Dorsal Rhizotomy This is a procedure in which the surgeon goes in to the lower spine and cuts the nerve roots causing spasticity. As she was explaining what was to come and being very aware of all the pain I was going to experience something in my heart told me to follow through and that doctor Mazzola was my blessing sent from God.

After meeting Doctor Mazzola I came home and consulted my family about the procedure, as with any surgery we were all scared But I told my family what a wonderful person Dr Mazzola was and how with just one meeting with her I felt comfortable I explained to them how she came by me and assured me that we would get through this together. After a long conversation as a family we all agreed to proceed with the procedure. When having such a massive procedure done it is very important to have a good surgeon as I am recovering from my surgery I see that I was not wrong in my decision God did not give me a surgeon he gave me an angel that changed my life for the better, I do not regret one bit putting my life in her hands.

I have always been afraid of surgeries but doctor Mazzola is one of the most caring surgeons I have ever met The second day after my surgery I was in so much pain I was not able to eat she came by me and she said Brisilda you will get yourself sick if you don’t eat as I was explaining to her how much pain I was in she was telling me how I was strong and I had to pull through she called me superwoman. My favorite nickname from her was Smiley Her words were so encouraging that somehow God gave me strength to get up from the bed after her words I pushed myself to get better for myself and for her to see how much she inspired me I wanted to become the superwoman she made me I hope to one day be able to walk into her office without my walker. As a surgeon she is not only comforting to the patient she is also comforting to families she makes sure that all your questions are answered and that everyone is happy with what is being done alongside her amazing nurse practitioner Tatiana Sikorskyj Tatiana was there for me through out the whole process she answered all my questions she answered all my phone calls she encouraged me when I told her I was afraid to have the surgery. Another person I am grateful to for everything is Doctor mazzolas Manager Christina Sarcona both of these wonderful ladies have helped me tremendously through such a rough tine in my life. I was blessed to meet Dr Mazzola and her staff After my surgery was done my Mother expressed to me that she was worried how things would proceed she also expressed to me that doctor Mazzola went in person to tell her that the surgery was a success any person that chooses her as their surgeon they have gained an angel for a life time. To her I may be just a patient but she changed my life she is my Angel.

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