Spina Bifida


Spina Bifida patientGood evening. My name is Rosalia, this is my husband Alex, and our daughter Chloe Grace. Chloe Grace was born in April with Spina Bifida, Myelomeningocele, Chiari Malformation Type II, Hydrocephalus, and Bi-Lateral Clubbed feet.

I first met Dr. Mazzola in January for a consultation after my 20 week ultrasound confirmed Chloe Grace would be born with special needs. The information was overwhelming but Dr. Mazzola’s presentation of the diagnosis and plan of care was very thorough and she demonstrated such optimism and compassion. I had a list of questions and she was patient to answer them all sometimes even having to repeat herself, because I was so emotional. I left her office that day confident that I had the best neurosurgeon for our daughter and was reassured by her intellect and kindness.

Spina Bifida patientChloe Grace was born via c-section, 38 weeks gestation, and she was less than 24 hours old when Dr. Mazzola performed neurosurgery to repair the myelomeningocele and shunt the hydrocephalus. The procedures were successful and Chloe Grace has healed beautifully.

Overnight this relationship with Dr. Mazzola was formed and has become one of the most important in our lives, especially Chloe Grace’s. We are very grateful to have such a gifted neurosurgeon on Chloe Grace’s team of doctors as well as a compassionate human being. Her expertise and capabilities precedes her and she is detailed and a leader among her peers.  We cannot imagine Chloe Grace’s care having been in any other neurosurgeon’s hands.

In all of Chloe Grace’s office visits Dr. Mazzola always takes the time after examining Chloe Grace to pick her up and hug her and play with her, in those moments, without words, I know their hearts are talking.